I will do my best to walk you through this program one step (or bite!) at a time. This is a genealogy organization system that I am teaching, not a genealogy research system. I am assuming that you have some information and you want to figure out what to do with it. If you need help with accumulating source data, please visit your local family history center or google for helpful online sites such as Cyndi's List and

Once you have some data - whether it be digital or a box full of pedigree sheets, photos and family group sheets, you can begin to use the EGE (Eating the Genealogy Elephant) system. The two main components of this system are computerized organization and hard copy organization. It is important to keep both organized as you go along to ensure that your genealogy work gets and stays organized and efficient!

These are the steps of the EGE system:

  1. Create a computerized file system.
  2. Learn the numbering system.
  3. Create albums to store your hard copies.
  4. Enter your data onto your computer and your documentation into your albums.